After the Grind (A ministry of YWAM Blackfalds)

During the fall of 2007, as we prepared to move our base to Blackfalds, we prayed about how to best use the building that was being donated to us by the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship church.  It was a beautiful "character" building in the heart of downtown Blackfalds with great potential. During it's more than 100 year history the building had been used as a general store, a grocery store, a hardware store, and most recently as a church.

After much consideration we decided to convert the building into a quality coffee house. There was a real need for a gathering place in the community and we wanted to create a space where we could interact with the community, a perfect fit!  All through the winter and spring of 2008 teams of our staff worked on the renovations and in July of 2008 we opened our doors for business for the first time.

The coffee house is run as a not-for-profit business; a combination of volunteers from within YWAM and the community keep the coffee house running.  The profits from the coffee house are used to support projects within the local community and several projects in SE Asia that YWAM is involved with.

Below is an excerpt from a brochure that was mailed out to residents of Blackfalds.

What if we could make a difference? What if ordinary people discovered how to do extraordinary things? Could a coffee shop change the world? At “After the Grind” we intend to do just that!

Like the shade tree in a hot African village or the cool river bank in the steamy jungle, the town coffee shop has long been a place of discussion and debate in rural Canada. A place where young & old, rich & poor, optimistic & pessimistic can all gather to share ideas.

Scientists, government researchers and environmentalists have made it clear that we need to change if we are going to survive into the next century. At “After the Grind” we want to be more than a great coffee shop. We want to serve our local community; we want to be a catalyst for change on both the local and global level.

Click here to download a copy of an information letter that was sent out to 5,000 residents of Blackfalds and area.

Why not become involved? It could be as simple as coming in for a cup of coffee or perhaps you want to travel with some local volunteers to start an organic farm in the Cambodian jungle? For more information on becoming a volunteer with After the Grind click here.

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