Are you interested in volunteering with YWAM Blackfalds?

YWAM is one of the worlds largest volunteer organizations in the world and we are always looking for more volunteers.  YWAM Blackfalds is a growing base with many ministry opportunities.

Volunteering is also a great way to learn more about YWAM and missionary work.  We do our best to give volunteers chances to see this part of Canada and see what being a YWAM missionary in Western Canada is like.  We have regular times of prayer and worship, community meals, and other special events.

What do volunteers at YWAM Blackfalds do?

Volunteers do a variety of things depending on their experience, their skills, and their desires.  Currently we have many volunteers who enjoy working in our coffee shop (After the Grind) serving coffee and visiting with local people in the town.  We also need volunteers to help us with cooking, maintenance, office work, and working in our vegetable gardens during the summer.


Two types of volunteers

Local volunteers:

These are volunteers from our local community who would like to be regular volunteers at our coffee shop or help with special events.  For more information please contact us or fill out this volunteer application form and bring it in to our office located in the back of After the Grind 4911 Broadway Ave (across from the post office).

Mission Builders:

Mission Builders are volunteers who volunteer full time (40 hrs / week) with YWAM.  Mission builders are often university students from other countries, retired professionals, or people looking to take a break from their regular lives to support missions. 

Mission Builders make a time commitment to the base where they volunteer and do a variety of jobs. They will be involved in the daily lives of our staff and students sharing meals, worship times, and other community events.

We really appreciate mission builders. There is often more work than we can do on our own and having Mission Builders is a tremendous benefit to our work and our community!

For more information please contact us or fill out this Mission Builder application and mail it to our office (instructions are on the form).


Mission Builder FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Is room and board provided?

Yes, if you are from outside of Blackfalds (and area) we can provide place for you to stay and food to eat.

Is there a cost?

We try to keep the cost as low as possible but Missionbuilders are required to pay $40 / week to help cover the cost of room and board.

How long can I stay?

We ask that Missionbuilders come for no less than 3 weeks, and stay for a maximum of 3 months (12 weeks) before they will be required to become full time staff if they want to continue.


If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.